"Ponto" = "bridge" in Esperanto. Stands symbolically for our goal to initiate contact between cultures, customs, ideas, eras – without national barriers or prejudice.

There is no better place than Valparáiso, a colourful and multi-faceted city influenced by people coming from all corners of the world which makes it exciting and unique.

La familia

Familia Pontoval

Ernst is the Spanish teacher who can also communicate in other languages. Sandra’s education in nutrition is put to use in excellent homemade dishes and products while her fitness diplomas in running or climbing are also beneficial. Our children, Damian and Laura, also have fun playing volleyball, going surfing or kayaking. We are all bilingual in Spanish and German due to our backgrounds in Switzerland and Chile. Our love of nature is an important part of our lives and we try to lead an environmentally-friendly lifestyle as much as possible.

We would be very pleased to share our home with you!

We're expecting you!

Our house

Our house is a loam construction in the Italian villa style from the year 1927 and typical of that period. It comprises 7 guest rooms on the second floor and an attached apartment with a separate entrance. There is a covered outdoor area for grilling or lazing around next to the swimming pool. The panoramic view from the terrace offers one of the most interesting views of Valparaiso. We share our kitchen, dining room and living room as well as the library and the classroom with our guests and all are accessible. Wi-Fi is available everywhere on the premises and is free.

We renovated this house over a period of one year with a great deal of love and respect. While doing so, we tried to preserve or re-use the same materials. You will therefore find beds or windows which were made out of former ceiling beams or shutters. The laurel wood floors were re-used to make several pieces of furniture.


We also found room for greenery: kitchen herbs, lettuce, and there was even enough room for strawberries and a compost pile. There are places where benches are placed around the house that are most inviting for a chat or where you can enjoya glass of excellent Chilean wine or simply a chance to listen to birdsong...

We are settled in a neighborhood where the typical everyday life of local Valparaiso inhabitants is predominant: children fly their kites, housewives chat in local shops, or soccer is played by the local sports club.